Window Guard

Custom Window Guards Installation Chicago

A window guard as the name suggests protects things from falling out. Window guards for houses are very essential and people often neglect this matter. As it not only acts as a shield against the stormy rains but is also important for the safety of small kids. We have a huge variety of wrought iron and steel window guards that we manufacture and install. We also design custom window guards according to the client’s taste and preference. A window guard is a metal limiting device that is inserted into the bottom half of the window. The window guard installation is a very easy process. The custom window guards are screwed around the fringes of the window mount tightly so that they are not dislodged easily. These custom window guards also require brackets for additional support. They are layered with a metal coating to make them rust and waterproof and this inadvertently uplifts the overall decor of the room. Our dedicated team is fully skilled in making beautiful bowed, curved, twisted, and straight designs and have a variety of patterns available for window guard installation. The custom window guards that we manufacture especially for our clients are aesthetically pleasing and don’t look like jail bars that give a shabby look.

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Why Chicago Fence and welding?

Unique and sturdy and practical in equal measure, our fence and railings are timelessly stylish and enhance a wide range of property styles and statements.

What is more?

Our promise to provide truly bespoke style, size and design options means that metal railings/fence and wrought iron fence/railings will enrich the appeal of your property features.

Yes, We are concerned about security as well.

Whether you have a sprawling front garden or a curbside entrance, land that needs to be safely secured or entrance steps that need a sturdy yet stylish handrail, chicago Fence and welding is the pathway to your much needed superior quality fence and railing products and your strong and nice statement to the outside world.

Do we use Antirust technology?

Yes, Our work is just rust proof. All our fences, railing and welding products are antirust/ corrosion properties and also galvanized. An and powder coated finish. For the uniqueness we add power coated finish.Which projects we are best at?

Which project we are best at?

We are experts in designing and creating railings/ fence and welding work for homes or commercial sites in equal measure and we are extremely proud of the products we create in conjunction with our clients’ needs.